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I remember my first time on an airplane. I was in secondary school. A boarder. My friend had invited me and another friend/classmate to her house in Port-Harcourt for the mid-term break. Her father was buying our tickets. I was ecstatic.

We went to her house in Lagos from school. I think that was the first time I saw a badminton court in someone’s house and that was the first time I held a real gun as well. They had soldiers/mobile police guarding the house and one of them let me carry his gun but not before he removed the thing at the bottom. It was one of those big guns. My best guess will be AK-47 because that’s all I hear Nigerians say when it comes to guns + I just googled it now and I think that’s what it looked like. Her dad was in Port-Harcourt already so it was just us, the guards and the house keeper at the Lagos house but he’d told someone at his office to call the house and wake us up in the morning. I don’t think I got much sleep that night.

In the morning the call came and we were ready in record time. Then the bell rang and we were told the bus was here. Bus? We went out and I saw a coaster bus AND a police escort van. I died and went to heaven. I got on the bus and saw a few white people. We were all on our way to the airport. They were expatriates. Friend’s dad was the head of one of the heads of departments of a major oil company in Nigeria. The other girl and I just kept wowing and saying stupid things like, “oh my God, you are so rich”, “Wow”, You are now our best friend”, “Please can we be your best friends?” “Please tell your daddy we are your best friends”. Too funny! At the airport, we were treated like royalty. On the flight as well. I remember the air-hostess giving us extra sweets *smile*
Port-Harcourt was fun! We had a driver at our beck and call and we went any and everywhere. I took it all in. New places and new cultures. So up my alley. The food was delish!! I had periwinkles for the first time. Port-harcourt soup is rich! I fell in love. Sadly I didn’t see a lot of periwinkles on menus in Lagos. Maybe I didn’t search hard enough.
I remember that a few days before that trip, I chipped one of my front teeth and it had altered my look and made me very self-conscious. Imagine my happiness when my friend said we were going to see her dad’s friend who was a dentist cos she wanted to get her teeth cleaned. I shall never carry last. I showed him my tooth immediately we got there and he changed my life!! He filed my tooth!! I could share my dazzling smile with the world again! Oh what bliss!
If you ask me why I’m sharing this story, I’d say I don’t know or I have no reason or I just remembered it and thought to share.
This my friends, is post 30.
30-day blogging challenge? CHECK! I want to dedicate this success to my fans, my mum, manager, producer, record label… I couldn’t have done this without you and to my grandparents, who are looking down on me from heaven, thank you for your words of wisdom. I’ll keep on keeping on. Thank you. *drops mic*