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Give Thanks

Guess whose fridge is stocked? *Grin* Not fully though but I have enough to last me for a while. Jersey was nice. Very chilled. I got there at 4-ish, starving. So I didn’t waste time at all. First thing that caught my eye was the jollof rice. As in, if there was no jollof rice there I don’t know what I would have done. I’ve been looking forward to jollof rice for ages. Don’t ask me why I didn’t just make some myself. There was turkey (as expected), grilled potatoes, bacon-wrapped asparagus, something with eggs, something with something, something with fish and shrimps, something with bread, many other somethings with somethings, cake, cheese cake, apple pie, another pie, ice-cream, hot dogs, sliced bread and some other things. If I didn’t put on extra pounds today, that will be nothing short of a miracle BUT I drank green tea after I was done with my rounds. so that definitely burned all the calories yes? :)

So you know how during Valentine’s season some people say they don’t understand why a day should be set apart for love/lovers? I sort of feel like that about Thanksgiving. (Lord please don’t let this be used against me. You know how Americans cherish their Thanksgiving. Don’t let them use this against me when I’m applying for my Green Card. Amen.) I don’t know… I just feel we should be thankful every day. I searched for the origin of Thanksgiving day, thinking that it may help me understand  better and I think I did but still… I don’t know. Anyway, that’s how I feel NOW, TODAY, AT THIS POINT IN TIME. I AM HUMAN AND I’M ALLOWED TO CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT LIFE AND DIFFERENT ISSUES SO IF NEXT WEEK OR NEXT YEAR OR TOMORROW I COME HERE AND SAY, “THANKSGIVING MAKES SO MUCH SENSE TO ME, IT’S THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR AND I’M SO GLAD THERE’S A DAY SET APART TO GIVE THANKS” REMEMBER THAT I AM FREE TO CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT ANY AND EVERYTHING. Thank you : )
I’m thankful for many things and I’m sure you guys know the major one. I also said yesterday that I was thankful for you guys and I really am. I’m thankful for the UNDER G bloggers! Those who you think you know what they are doing but you really don’t *COUGH COUGH* and for the silent readers (as the stats show) I’m thankful for you guys too.
Hm… Black Friday tomorrow and I have no idea what I want to get. Like I really don’t need anything but how will I be in America and not buy anything on Black Friday? No, no, no. What explanation will I give my children? I’m going to think hard tonight and get something tomorrow.
Good night guys!
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