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Ok, let me make up for the rubbish and nonsense I posted yesterday and 2 days ago. *insert smiley face* Hi good people of blogiverse. How has the week been so far and are you guys loving my 30-day blogging challenge? I really hope you are.

Do me a favor and listen to Miley’s We Can’t Stop as you read this cos that’s what I’m listening to now. Won’t you like to share the experience with me and connect with me on a deeper lever? … Hahahahaaa!! I’m sure someone’s like is this girl ok? LOL!! I really like the song though and contrary to what some think I don’t think Miley’s self-destructing. I just think she’s trying to find herself and decide what and who she wants to be. She just turned 21. She needs to find herself. Hopefully she finds Jesus along the way if she hasn’t. Which reminds me of Jesus House in London (Brent Cross). I don’t know if they still do it but they used to hold prayer meetings once a week to pray for celebrities. Seeing that celebrities are very influential- I heard of a girl who has all Rihanna’s tattoos on the exact spots on her body as Rihanna does, talk about die-hard fan- the idea was that if these celebrities became born-again and declared their faith more people will give their lives to Christ. I hear that quite a number of people converted to Kabbalah cos of Madonna. You’d be surprised at the number of people who are impressionable.
I even forgot to tell you guys about a guy that we met at that H&M opening. While I was doing my closing Stand Up outside the store- the sign off- this guy (very effeminate looking) came to us and asked if Gaga was still inside and we were like no, she left a while ago. He was like he came all the way to see her cos he brought gifts for her and can he talk into our camera? By this time I was already feeling very uneasy and I began to plead the blood of Jesus. Me, I don’t waste time. Too much evil in the world to leave myself uncovered. Anyway, my classmate tried to tell him that, we were students, we were doing a class project and it wasn’t going to be on any channel but he was like that’s fine, he just needs to say something to Gaga and she may get to see it somehow. Lo ba tan (i.e… I don’t know. someone should please translate lo ba tan). So camera on him and first he brings out 2 collages and then he brings out something like broken tiles from his bag. Broken tiles connected with ropes. I can’t really explain it. I’ll look for a picture. Anyway he explained and said he made them for her and even though we don’t understand it, she will understand it. It was just very very creepy. That kind of person will probably give his life to Jesus if Gaga comes out tomorrow and says she’s a born-again Christian now and she’s been baptized by the Holy Spirit.
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Anyway, enough with that. Guess what one of my classmates has started saying? LOL!! Guess. It’s a Nigerian thing and I’m not the first to take it out of the shores of Nigeria *laughing hard* She has started saying “Abeg”! I don’t even know how she got used to it. She even uses it on me now. Like when I’m saying something that doesn’t quite make sense or when I’m complaining about her not walking fast enough or something, she’ll say, “T abeg ehn, abeg” and I’m like… See this girl o!! LOL! Who taught you? It’s just funny hearing her say it except when she’s saying it to me, then it’s not funny. For those of you who watched Big Brother Africa during Uti’s season, remember how the whole house started saying it? :) Too cute.
And that, good people, is my post for today. Hope it wasn’t too long? In fact please no complaints. Thanks.
Umm… In the spirit of American Thanksgiving which is tomorrow, Canadians have theirs as well, I just want to say I’m thankful for this blog and the way I can express myself here. But the blog will be nothing without you guys so I’m extremely thankful for you guys. I’ll do a proper Thanksgiving post tomorrow by the grace of God.
Big kiss
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