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I’m feeling very smart with that topic hehehe but yes, it’s another hair issue. I’ve worn my own hair since I relaxed it but it’s quite cold now and I really need to do something to it. I’ve searched high and low looking for a cheap weave-fixer. Someone told me $200. Did I hear somebody SAY L.O.L? It’s not funny. Cheapest I’ve seen is $70 but the lady doesn’t have good reviews so it doesn’t make sense having her do it. Then I’ve heard $110, $120 etc. Hm…

I’m being cheap with my hair and it doesn’t make sense!! I’d rather spend that money on clothes or shoes than on my hair cos I keep converting. Stupid! Stupid!

Anyway I’ll let you know what I decide. Don’t be surprised if I come back to say I followed a YouTube tutorial.


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