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Heeeeeeellllp!! Ok, that’s kind of over dramatic. All I should be saying is help! So… Help! Lol. I don’t see myself as being creative. As in with colours and designs and things like that. Even my dressing has been criticized occasionally and I mean OCCASIONALLY by my fashion forward friends. I tend to play it safe most times. On days I feel I’m taking a risk, I stand in front of the mirror for time on end before deciding to either step out of the house (albeit unsure) or change into something else BUT I love me my dresses and I hardly go wrong in those :) but I digress.

The reason for this post is because I need help. My darling boyfriend is moving houses and has literally made me see all the houses he’s considering to decide which one I- as in ME, as in I- like the most. Can this mean?… hmmm… keep typing! So house hunting in Lagos is HARD WORK and trust me to like all the ones that were above his budget (don’t judge me!) and be skeptical about the “cheaper” ones. I use that term loosely. We saw a place today and I wasn’t so excited about it initially (I think in my mind, I’m already picturing myself in a grand house with a pool, badminton court, gym/dance room and my twin boys and their younger sister running around… sigh…) Anyway, I told him I didn’t really like it and his words were, “don’t worry. I’ll make you like it” and then “let me just pay for the house and I’ll leave you to do anything you want in it. You’ll handle the interior decoration and all. Tell me what you like and I’ll pay for it as long as you don’t gba (as in suave… No? Ok cheat… yes cheat) as long as you don’t cheat me”. THAT’S THE PROBLEM! No, not the cheating part, the designing part!! I’m clueless with designs and decorations and things like that but am I supposed to tell him that?? I honestly, honestly am not creative with things like that. I know my strengths and interior designing is NOT one of them.

Seriously my friend can testify to this. She got orange and black furniture in her living room and I CONVINCED her to get GREEN curtains. I was thinking Sweet Sensation but it didn’t quite come out like that!!!

So what should I do now? I have an idea of the things I’d like in the house but this will probably most likely (blush) be my future home and I cannot be waking up to an ugly house every day. Hiring a professional will be expensive. Should I tell him to go ahead and surprise me? What if it’s not a pleasant surprise? 

p.s- Please read my first work of fiction here and lemme know what you think. Thank yew :)