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Hello Law-Vahs!

How are you guys doing? You guys know you are my lovers right? Like my life revolves around you? Like I think about you guys all the time? Like in my head I’m on your blogs reading all your posts and dropping comments? I really am. In my head… What was that? That’s not good enough? I’m sorry. I really am. I’m so swamped with all sorts of things that the only sites I visit regularly are the gossip ones and life and style ones that won’t task my brain. You guys are too intelligent! Your posts are too deep for me to gloss over. I just called you guys intelligent, I should be forgiven by now.

I’ll respond to all your comments though. Very soon and I shall visit and speak.

Ok, I’m ANGRY! Ask me why. Ask me nah, just say why.


Spoiler Alert!!!

I’m so flipping ANGRY. I don’t care if flipping is a swear work right now. This is RIGHTEOUS ANGER! :-| I don’t know if it’s out in Nigeria and I don’t want to spoil it for you guys in Nigeria. In fact I’m going to spoil it. Ok, I won’t spoil it. But I can’t talk about it without spoiling it… … … … I’m thinking… … … ….

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#PeopleThatMatter + Please Ignore Typos


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I took a short trip to London as the boss lady that I am (no questions please. Is it your money??!?) And I feel like I genuinely fell in love with London for the first time. So clean! Compared to New York. In fact I shouldn’t even compare. It’s like comparing fine wine with soda… Transportation wise that is cos Turn-Up Wise… New York is boss! So I didn’t do any shopping which is slightly strange but there was really little time so I visited #peoplethatmatter : ) My darling Angel’s Beauty and her beautiful Cherub and my secondary school school-daughter who, prior to this visit, I hadn’t seen in over 10 years! I just dey old dey go. Continue reading

Happenings (Have I Used This Title Before?)


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Hello lovelies!

I’m in the mood to write. I take advantage of days like this cos it makes sense to take advantage of days like this :) Hope everyone is alright. No plague will come near our dwelling places in Jesus’ name.

This morning two apartment buildings in East Harlem, New York collapsed from an explosion caused by a gas leak. One of the building collapsed completely while the other has only the bottom two floors still standing. I saw this when I turned on the TV this morning and it made me rethink how unpredictable life is. It also made me think about how nowhere is entirely safe. Aren’t our homes supposed to be one the safest places for us? Many people go home to stay off the streets scared of drunk drivers, petty thieves, rapists, crazy people in general and then they get home and their house explodes due to a gas leak that may have been caused by a careless neighbor or a leak in the pipes?? May God protect us.

Malaysian Air. Sigh… A plane has disappeared people. As in disappeared. No trace. No trace of a plane. A big plane. Aeroplane. Disappeared. Airplane. Nothing. No anything. I’m beyond confused and of all the things I’ve thought up, the most logical conclusion I’ve come to is that there was a scientist on that plane and he tested his new invention that makes things disappear. Selah! Do not, for any reason, judge me because that IS what happened. Quote me! … Ok don’t quote me but what could have happened?? If it disintegrated, surely some scraps would have been seen. What’s your wildest, most logical explanation for this? Please share.

As for me, I’m fine, thank you. Travelled west for a few days for spring break. California. Oakland, Dublin, San Francisco. One boy here annoyed me by the way. I said I was going on Spring Break, he said see how I’m saying spring break as if I’ve been here for a long time, as if I’ve had spring break before. Why am I famzing?

I wanted to give him uppercut. Nonsense.

Remember my Lagos beau? The one that I made out with. Yes, that one. No, not the other oneS LOL! I’ve been mean to him : ) I know he hasn’t said anything about a relationship but him calling me baby and saying I miss you and all the other cute things people say to people they like is a sign that he’s not seeing me as an ordinary friend. I really like him but ok, say I decide to keep talking and encouraging things, what does that mean for me? Would he be ok if I talked to and saw other people? Would I be ok if HE saw and talked to other people? What exactly would we be doing? There’s no time frame for me here in New York so it’s not a case of I’ll be done in August and we’ll be together forever. For all I know, I may find a great opportunity in Paris when I’m done with school or in China or Burundi, what happens then? He’s talking about visiting soon but please after visiting, what next??!

Today, he asked if he’d done anything wrong cos I was acting different. He sounded so sad… I don’t know what to do about him.

Oh well…


p.s- Ginger I miss you. Hope “you guys” are fine : )

p.p.s- If you’re going to comment, please comment about everything because people like Sykik and Toin would come here now and only comment on the man issue *side eye*



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Music will rank in my list of top 5 gifts God has blessed us with. Honestly, the right music at the right time takes me from a 0 to a 10 in micro seconds! And I love when I hear a song in a language I don’t understand but still find myself bonding with it; singing it over and over  till I remind myself that it’s probably not wise to sing stuff I don’t understand before I curse myself and my family… and it has happened before!

I remember singing one of P-Square’s songs of love and shouting something that turned out to be “I will die” or “let me die” or something like that :D

Anyway, I love love love music. It’s a language almost everyone speaks… Too beautiful…

And this post was inspired by Prism : )

Seeing Cameroonians dance to Iyanya’s “Le kwa oku” made me giddy!! I don’t know why but it just did! Plus I like the song so…

Thanks Prism! I’m sure I have your permission to share the YOUTUBE VIDEO.


He Makes All Things Beautiful (3)

Hi lovers!

Hope you guys are fine? Quite a number of things have happened and I don’t think it’s wise to splash them all on the curbs of the world but life has been good :)

I was having a conversation with someone today and the person said “I know you had two friends that were almost like sisters. But you learnt your lesson…” When she said that I realized that I really have come a long way. I blogged about issues I had a couple of years ago. I was stuck on having a best friend by force (by fire) and when things got complicated with my friend then I moved speedily to another person and swiftly tagged her bestie. Don’t they say when one door closes, another opens? Lol. So this new person validated me, made my world Continue reading

Various Things


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Happy “Love Day”. Whatever that is. I’m double minded about Valentine’s Day. Too much undue pressure but it’s also a day to make up for your distraction and inattentiveness all year round and permit me to say this applies more to guys than ladies. Notice that I said applies MORE meaning it applies to ladies as well. Sometime you need to break these things down.

I’m having issues commenting on blogspot blogs again. I read Okeoghene’s heart piece today Continue reading

Imagine A World Without Religion…


I really like Seth. His posts always make a lot of sense to me. Like this one. Thought to share.

Originally posted on Seth Adam Smith:

Imagine a world without religion.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? No religious bigotry, no “righteous” judgement, no cruelty “in the name of God,” no holy wars, no honor killings, and no shame in just being yourself.

Truly, the world would be a better place without religion, wouldn’t it?

Well, let’s try it out. Let’s imagine what the world would be like without religion.

There is, however, one small catch: if we are to do away with religion, we must—out of fairness—erase all of the good which it has inspired. After all, religion itself is not in the à la carte business. Religion doesn’t allow us to pick and choose which teachings and commandments we like and discard those we don’t like. No, religion works in absolutes. So if we’re going to do away with all the nasty parts of religion, let’s make sure we pull up the entire tree—roots…

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Hi people,

Random. You know how you have a to-do list or in my case to-do lists? I have minor ones and what I consider a major one which keeps getting “major things” struck off and added. You have it too? Cool! Please why won’t everything just stay struck off? Like why do I always have to find something new to add to that list? And then the new things I add prod and press and gnaw at me till I get them done. Some are so so silly but still…

Anyway that’s my post for today.






Oh! Happy New Month!




15 Productive Things To Do Online When You Have 15 Minutes To Kill



No, I didn’t come up with this but I’m sure if I sat down and thought hard, I could have come up with this. I spent the last few days bingewatching Orange Is The new Black and when I finished season 1 yesterday, I felt guilty hence my search for “Productive things to do online”.

This article really helped so I’m sharing.

It’s ok, you don’t have to thank me. I do it for Love.

Find article here.

p.s- Love is a verb.


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